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Here is why journalist Gathoni Wamuchomba’s political career is on the rise

Journalist-turned-politician Gathoni Wamuchomba who was voted for overwhelmingly in Kiambu County has attributed her win to her service and practicality.

Wamuchomba garnered 374,306 votes from the county residents giving her a green light to vie for the woman representative seat on a Jubilee Party ticket.

She trounced the incumbent Anna Nyokabi, who only had 26,768 votes, and even had more votes than the aspiring governor Ferdinand Waititu who got 353,604 against William Kabogo’s 69,916.

The former journalist said she had been serving the villagers by helping them seek medical attention way before the campaigns started.

“For me I have been a practical person, I have really been on the ground and have also provided solutions along the way. I was using my platforms like social welfare platforms where I would go probably sort out a medical case, sort out a domestic issue and pray with the family and leave,” she said during an interview on NTV’s Sidebar.


Wamuchomba narrated how she cultivated a culture of service leadership among residents and in the end they would demand for money from incumbents who had under performed but would let her go without asking for handouts.

“Money did not interfere with most of the outcome of the nominations,” she added.

She recounted how in a certain village residents both young and old were made to queue for handouts but they would often say they will just pocket the money and vote for candidates who will empower them not to require handouts.

Wamuchomba’s election as well as that of Waititu paved way for a different kind of politics in counties where voters rejected all incumbents who had underperformed.

Her agenda in parliament will be to strengthen agribusiness in the county that enjoys good climate as well as provide opportunities to the disabled children who are hidden in homes lacking basic education.