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Gay teacher arrested for soliciting sex from journalist

By MARTIN MWAURA February 9th, 2016 2 min read

A homosexual teacher has been arrested in Murang’a County after he solicited for sex from a male journalist.

The teacher, Godfrey Mburu Waithera, sent explicit messages confessing his love to the journalist.

According to journalist, his media organisation had a roadshow in Gatanga where he gave out his number to residents just in case they had a story they would want covered. Little did he know that the gesture would be the source of his misery.


“One of the people who took the number was a man and last month he started sending me love messages. I warned him and asked him if he knew me. He said yes and told me how he got my number. I told him to stop as I was straight only for him to say it was a joke,” he said.

The teacher, 20, is said to have gone silent and early Tuesday morning started texting the journalist again introducing himself as Lucy.

“I searched for his name on Truecaller and it gave a man’s name, confirming my suspicions. I called him a couple of times and he refused to pick up. We started chatting via SMS and that’s when he confessed who he was,” the journalist added.


The journalist, who works as a correspondent, said the man started telling him how sexy his voice was on radio and that he was in love with him.

The teacher used explicit and unprintable words telling the journalist that he would not mind having sex with him.

“Please, let us be lovers and let me show how sweet it is just like a woman. Why don’t you give it a try,” read one of the many raunchy messages.

“As we chatted, I asked his profession and he said he was a teacher. That is when I chose to inform the local policemen,” remarked the journalist.


He said he was shocked that a teacher had the audacity to hit on him even after he had told him off twice, which “proved that this guy was determined”.

Police officers set up a trap after the teacher agreed to meet the journalist in Gatanga.

“When I reached at our agreed meeting point, I called him and a man came toward me wearing a huge smile and he got into my car and started a conversation. That’s when the police officers who were on a motorbike came and surrounded him,” recalled the journalist.

The teacher’s grandfather said he was shocked beyond words, confirming that the young man is a teacher who only returns home on weekends.


“He is over 18 and I don’t know what he does outside when not near me, but to me he has always been a disciplined boy,” said the maternal grandfather.

The teacher, who is also a youth leader at a local PCEA church, said he was introduced to the practice last year by a man he identified as Kuria.

Murang’a county police boss Naomi Ichami confirmed the incident saying the suspect was in custody and would be arraigned in court for misusing a communication gadget among other charges.

“The suspect has confessed to sending the messages and what is shocking is a teacher trying to solicit sex from a fellow man which means he is practicing gayism,” said Ichami.