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Gentlemen, things that you communicate with your underwear choice

True, you have your reasons for settling for that particular type of underwear. Maybe they’re comfy or your girlfriend buys them for you.

Believe it or not, your underwear may be the most important part of your outfit because it speaks directly about your personality.

Here’s what your underwear choice may be saying;

1. Briefs – A man may feel sexiest in this type of underwear seeing as they hug the waist and accentuate the bulges but he is sending a very different message. A man who wears briefs comes off as a little immature.

He may have a great personality but his maturity levels are questionable. He may not be ready to grow up just yet.

2. Boxer shorts – These may be the most common preference because they are comfortable and they come in a variety of colors. The man that wears them definitely leads a carefree life and isn’t very fashion conscious.

You will not find the metrosexual man donning boxer shorts. They are for the traditional manly man. They also do not offer much support so if boxer shorts are a man’s choice of underwear, he is probably not that sporty.

3. Boxer briefs- Unlike the shorts, boxer briefs are a little tighter. They provide both coverage and support. The man who wears them is likely to be both mature and fashion conscious. He is also likely to be confident in his physique which means that on the flipside, he is likely to have some degree of vanity. He also has good hygiene.

4. Thongs – Men who prefer sexy silk thongs are few and far between but they are there. The most conspicuous trait about this man is that he is a rebel. He likes to stand out in a crowd, to go against the grain.

He may be the wild type that thrives in the party scene or a man who is wild at heart but finds himself trapped in a conservative career like banking.

He may wear the suits all day everyday but the sexy underwear is his way of rebelling. This man is likely to be more experienced in bed and also more adventurous.

5. Bold patterns and colors – Men use the colors of their underwear to express themselves. The one who wears black and white for instance sees things in this manner and is likely to be straight forward.

If his underwear choice is brightly colored or with odd large patterns on the other hand, he might still have some growing up to do.

6. The one who goes commando – A man that chooses to go without underwear has to be the easiest going type. He is also his own man seeing as he cares little about other people’s opinions.

He is also a free spirit a trait that can be very alluring. On the flip side, he may be a little lacking in the hygiene department. He might also be lazy and forgetful.