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Get ready for cold baths as government plans to ban instant hot showers

Kenyans should brace themselves for cold showers if the government enforces a ban on instant hot showers, which are popular in many households.

This follows recommendations for ban of importation and sale of instant hot shower heads locally by a consultant hired by the Ministry of Energy to develop an energy efficiency plan for the country.

Germany’s Lahmeyer International, in their report noted that the water heaters presented difficulties for electricity generation and transmission, as well as high level of power losses due to a sudden spike in power demand that only lasted a short duration.


“Instantaneous water heaters are noxious for the generation, transmission and the distribution networks as they concentrate high power demand at the same periods. By doing so, they generate high losses, voltage drops and call for expensive generation means,” the report reads in part.

The report specifically notes that a situation where all Kenyans tend to switch on their instant hot showers at the same time, particularly in the morning, tends to strain the power generation and distribution systems.

The German firm also noted that the high cost of alternatives to instantaneous water heaters would hurt many Kenyans, whose incomes might not support the installations of other water heaters.


“The alternative solutions are expensive or inaccessible for the low income customers, for example, solar water heaters, geysers, gas heaters,” the report further reads.

If adopted, the plan which was completed in late 2016, will guide the country through to 2035.

Such a scenario would compel Kenyans to alternatively go for the more costly options such as electric boilers and solar water heaters.