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Gideon Moi has opened up on ‘Ruto 2022’

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has opened up about deputy President William Ruto’s dream to become President in 2022.

The lawmaker, son of Kenya’s second President, Daniel arap Moi, dismissed Mr Ruto’s bid as “far-fetched” and advised him to focus on the job at hand –that of providing better services to Kenyans.

“Deputy President William Ruto should stop telling us to rally behind him in the 2022 elections. What Kenyans want now is better services. Let him improve the lives of the citizens instead of telling them to believe in his far-fetched dreams. You cannot keep telling Kenyans to be patient. Let us not talk about 2022 because no one knows about that,” he wrote on his Facebook.

Gideon has himself announced that he intends to vie for presidency in 2022.

“I am the best candidate for the next presidency because all the aspirants seeking the seat have failed to address the current problems which affect more than 40 million Kenyans. One step at a time as we move forward,” he has said in the past.

Mr Ruto managed to cut the influence of the Mois in the Rift Valley in 2007 when he led Kalenjin to vote against retired president Moi’s favoured candidate, former president Mwai Kibaki.

As the DP, he is currently the highest ranked politician from Rift Valley.

Leaders in the ruling Jubilee coalition say they intend to ensure President Uhuru Kenyatta is reelected in 2017 and passes on the baton to Mr Ruto in 2022, to run for the next 10 years.