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Gloria Muliro was in London for the first time and she loved it – VIDEO

Celebrated gospel singer Gloria Muliro toured London recently and she could not hide her joy as this was her first time to visit the Queens land.

The Sitolia hit maker was a guest in this year’s Afrikan Cultural Festival, which was held at Newham Leisure Centre, London, United Kingdom.

Ms Muliro was happy to have toured London when the weather was good.

“It is amazingly that the weather is soo good and I’m loving the weather before it changes. I have come during the perfect weather,” said an excited Muliro.

Asked why it had taken her so long to visit the city, yet she was a big star, she said, “People of faith who believe in the Lord, we always know there is a God time for everything. I believe this is the perfect time that the Lord had planned for me to be here.”

She hoped and prayed that Kenyans from all walks of life can preach peace, spread the message of peace and pray for Kenya.


“We only have one Kenya, we do not have a spare country that we can run to. We love our country and we would love peace to prevail. When there is peace everything moves well. We have done our part, those who voted know who they voted for and at the end of the day, and only one person wins.”

On the recently held elections and her opinion on the coming verdict by the Supreme Court on the election petition, she said, “To all Kenyans, let’s just accept the will of God, let’s leave the Supreme Court to do its job and whatever outcome let’s take it is and support who ever God has chosen to be the president of our nation.”

Afrikan Cultural Festival is an event aimed at enhancing the positive spirit of nationalism among Africans in the diaspora to improve the levels of national pride, patriotism and cohesion, thus providing a central place for Africans and friends to get together and celebrate, offering the world a true taste of African Art & Culture.