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Good Samaritan in trouble for rescuing baby

A woman who rescued an abandoned infant in Nairobi is in trouble with the authorities for failing to report the incident.

Everlyne Muhonja however got a reprieve after a Kibera law court rejected an application by the police for orders to detain her for 10 days to aid in investigations.

Police constable Moses Sakwa of Akila police station in South C had sought the custodial orders but Muhonja challenged the application through her lawyer.

She argued that the predicament of the child would worsen if she was kept in police cells as the baby would have no one to take care of her.

Muhonja said she would be ready to report to the police for interrogations and aid in tracing the baby’s parents while taking care of her.

And prosecution counsel Sammy Kinuthia agreed with her that the detention was unnecessary.

Police want to trace the child’s parents.

Muhonja was arrested on October 5 after a medical facility in South C called the police to report her for having a child she could not properly account for.

She told the police she got the child from ladies who had picked her from where she had been abandoned within the expansive slums on July 18. She was r