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Gospel artist burnt for rejecting sexual advances

An upcoming female gospel artiste is nursing severe burns in a Nairobi hospital after a male friend allegedly set ablaze a house they were both in when she turned down his sexual advances.

Cecilia Wangari, 30, says she sustained serious injuries to her face, hands and the right leg after a man she had contracted to help distribute her music started a fire and locked the house from inside.

“We were from kesha (overnight prayer session) when he suggested that we should pass by his house for me to collect some money he had obtained from selling my music,” recalled Wangari.

Wangari went with her assailant to his Zimmerman house and while they were there, he started making sexual advances towards her.


“Everything happened so fast and when I tried to escape, he locked the house, threw the keys outside, poured paraffin and lit it up,” she added.

At this moment, Wangari screamed for help and attracted neighbours who camped outside while trying to break into the burning house.

Her perverted attacker remained calm inside the burning house, she recalled.

A few moments later, the neighbours managed to break in but Wangari’s hands and entire face had been burnt. The man had not sustained severe burns.

The neighbours then set out to put out the fire as some of them rushed the man to a nearby clinic, leaving Wangari inside the house, unsure on how to handle her safely without worsening the injuries.


Moments later, a nurse accompanied by a watchman and a receptionist from the clinic came to her rescue and took her to the clinic where they administered first aid.

They then transferred her to Prestige Healthcare facility in Githurai 44 for further management of burns.

Dr Jeff Maina said Wangari, who had 25 per cent burns, suffered emotional trauma.

“We have been talking to her and even her husband who at first didn’t understand why she was in the associate’s house but now understands her and is supportive,” he added.

Dr Maina has been dressing the burns by scrapping off the top skin and applying cream daily.