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Extremist group claims responsibility of killing of top Ugandan police officer

An extremist group has claimed responsibility for the cold-blood murder of Uganda police spokesperson Andrew Kaweesi.

The group, which referred to itself as the Uganda Patriotic Freedom Fighters (UPFF), has also accused the Ugandan Police of arresting “the wrong people” in relation with the murder, as well as other murders that have happened in the recent past.

In an Al-shabaab style confession on Facebook, the “UPFF” have also dismissed preliminary investigations by the Police suggesting they drove away in bodabodas after the murder, insisting instead that they used “Superbikes”.


The UPFF coded Kaweesi’s murder as “Mission 920” and warned without elaborating that more “missions” are lined up for executing including Mission 899, 900, 919, 921, 922 and 923.

The group uses the Facebook name Joseph Ssonko, with preliminary investigations suggesting that the social media update was made in Sweden, according to Ugandan media reports.

Kaweesi alongside his bodyguard and driver were executed  commando style by armed gangsters who sprayed his vehicle with dozens of bullets before riding away with what Uganda Police claimed were bodabodas.

“We did not use cheap Bodaboda motorcycles; our bikes are very few in Uganda and can only be compared to sport bikes. To claim we used bodaboads is to suggest we’re not capable of executing such a high level mission,” the statement reads in part.


In response, Kaweesi’s successor Asan Kasingye said they cannot take lightly the claims, revealing they have started investigations into the group.

“The police and other intelligence organs will look into it and find out the truth of these allegations, “Kasingye said in response to a question from journalists.

“We know what we are doing and we are not leaving it at that.” he said.

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has since announced that his Government will track down and kill the “pigs” who killed Mr Kaweesi.