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Guys, Valentine’s Day gifts that will backfire on you

Most gift giving is well-intentioned. The part that a lot of people miss is the fact that it should also be thoughtful.

If you do not put some thought into your gift giving this Valentine’s Day, you might be spending the days and weeks that follow single.

Here is a look into eight gifts you should absolutely not get your woman:

1. An animal –True, your girlfriend might be an animal lover. You however need to pay attention to the fact that an animal, even a gold fish comes with a huge responsibility. It should never come as a surprise.

2. A gym subscription – You might have her best interests when you gift your woman a gym subscription. Unfortunately for you, it will send out the wrong message. It is like telling her she is fat. This shouldn’t be a Valentine’s Day surprise. If you want to pay for her gym membership, do it some other time after talking to her about it first. Maybe she doesn’t even like the gym and prefers Zumba.

3. A picture of yourself – Pictures tend to be perfect gift ideas as they are a reminder of a happy moment frozen in time. For Valentine’s Day, however, do not give your woman a photograph of yourself. You will come across as self-absorbed. Give her a framed photograph of herself, her pet or one of the two of you.

4. Cheap lingerie – Women love lingerie, it makes them feel good in their bodies, that’s a fact. If you are going to indulge in lingerie this Valentine’s Day, make sure that it is good quality. If you can’t afford it, it’s better to get her something else.

5. A big stuffed teddy bear – A lot of men hold the misconception that women love teddy bears. They did when they were probably younger. If she is a grown woman, a teddy bear as a gift is both impractical and impersonal. If you have to buy a teddy, give it to a younger female in your life.

6. A self- help book – It doesn’t matter that she is an avid reader. When you gift your woman a self-help book, you are sending her the message that she isn’t good enough the way she is. Your intention may be good but this gift might leave you single come February 15th.

7. Body shapers – You have seen them all over the exhibitions in Nairobi. The items of clothing that hold her stomach in or have padding to make her behind look bigger. Whatever you do, don’t buy your woman body shapers this Valentine’s Day. Even if she owns some herself. This is telling her that you are not comfortable with her body as it is.

8. Nothing – Even if the woman in your life tells you she is content with getting nothing, the truth is that Valentine’s Day always comes with some expectation. Even a bad gift is better than getting nothing at all. If you are not sure what to get her, even a gift voucher will do.