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Harlequin FC says players jailed for gang-rape will appeal sentence

The Kenya Harlequin FC has broken its silence on the sentencing of rugby players Alex Olaba and Frank Wanyama to 15 years each in prison for gang-raping a female musician.

In a press statement, the club said they supported the court’s decision, adding that it does not condone any form of sexual violence and condemns rape against women.

The management defended their silence on the matter saying that they could not comment on the case until after a verdict was reached by the courts.

“To respect the legal process, Kenya Harlequin FC was unable to comment on this case until after a verdict and determination was reached. This has been done and we respect the outcome of the legal proceeding. We thank our supporters for their patience and understanding,” read part of the statement.


It continued: “As a club our role is to offer help and guidance to our members whether dealing with success or the utmost difficulties. Kenya Harlequin FC does not condone any form of sexual violence and condemns rape and violence against women in the strongest terms possible. The club is aware that both players will be pursuing an appeal in the determination to clear their names. We trust that they will be accorded a fair hearing.”

The two rugby players were convicted of gang-raping a musician on February 10, 2018.

After high school, Olaba and Wanyama started their professional rugby careers at Strathmore University with Strathmore Leos before switching to Kenya Harlequin.