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Harmonize: No bad blood, I speak to all my ex-lovers

Konde Gang CEO Harmonize has set the record straight about his relationships, affirming that there is no animosity between him and his ex-lovers.

The renowned Tanzanian artist revealed he maintains a positive relationship with all the women he has dated, emphasizing that life goes on, and holding grudges serves no purpose.

“I might be a bad persona, but my positive side outdoes the negative side of me. I am in contact with all my exes. Life has to go on; there was no official statement that said I was married to Sarah, and there is no official statement that we broke up,” Harmonize shared during the interview.

The ‘Deka’ singer faced public scrutiny when he was reportedly dumped by actress Fridah Kajala in December 2022.

Harmonize has consistently been accused of infidelity by his ex-lovers.

Notably, accusations of cheating arose when video vixen Sophie claimed to have a romantic connection with Harmonize while he was still involved with Kajala.

In a live interview, Sophie boasted about being superior to Kajala and insinuated that Harmonize preferred her. However, Harmonize dismissed the claims, asserting his commitment to Kajala.

In response to Sophie’s comments, Harmonize firmly stated:

“B. I don’t know you. Stop talking about your brother who just helped you make your dreams come true. Respect me, please. You are too much now. You can’t even handle my (pleasure organ). Relax, you never saw me after the video.”

Harmonize clarified his relationship history, mentioning that he started dating Kajala after parting ways with his Italian wife, Sarah Michelotti.

Disputes over infidelity emerged between Sarah and Harmonize, with accusations that he cheated on her with Kajala from the beginning of their relationship.

The artist also touched on the topic of tattoos, revealing that they hold cultural significance for him.

“Having tattoos is my culture. When you make me happy, I get your tattoo. When I am angry, I rub it immediately.”

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