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Here’s the reason Kanye West painted his body silver

From comparing himself to God, to his bizarre rant at the White House, American rapper Kanye West has yet again left his fans speechless with his new stunt.

Kanye was pictured over the weekend his face and hands painted in silver accompanied with a matching silver outfit.

The photo went viral on social media with most people left with question marks as to what was the rapper’s intention.

On Instagram Kanye explained that the look was part of a costume for an opera play titled Mary that he was starring in.

“Blending in today. Mary Opera,” posted Kanye alongside the photo on Instagram.

Kanye was not the only chromed in silver but also all the other cast of the show.

Mary is his second opera show that he has staged with his first being Nebuchadnezzar which premiered in November.

Here is what some of his fans had to say:

“I don’t understand Brother Kanye West,” tweeted @bolouburutolu.

“@kanyewest took goin PLATINUM to a whole notha level” said @Work_Ethic.

“I feel sorry for this young man. I think there is something seriously wrong,” wrote @stevedetteKE.

“Does the outfit come with popcorn?” asked @HOPEFLOOD.

“The meme of Kanye West painted silver and in a silver outfit has been the thing that has been missing from my life right up until now,” stated @ hmack.

“Meanwhile a Tin Man looking for a heart?” asked @maxxmyrick.