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Hii imeenda! Mudavadi’s’ daughter, Maryanne, weds in a glamorous traditional ceremony

Maryanne Mudavadi, the daughter of Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi, on Saturday, 19 August wed her beloved Nyaga Karanja in a glamorous traditional wedding.

The captivating traditional wedding, known as “ruracio,” took place in the picturesque setting of Mudavadi’s Mululu home, witnessed by close-knit family members and friends.

The event was marked by its exuberant atmosphere, with attendees graced in African-themed attire, further enhancing the allure of the occasion.

Nyaga Karanja, a lawyer by profession, exhibited his refined taste as he made a stylish appearance for the traditional ceremony.

Clad in a meticulously coordinated ensemble, Nyaga stood out in his black outfit, accented with touches of green that harmonized with the bride’s attire.

The groom’s team, comprised of his brothers and friends had their matching sea green African-style shirts and pants.

Maryanne, a professional in her own right, serves as a recruiter at a prominent Kenyan bank.

Her credentials also extend to being a trained Human Resource Manager, a title supported by her Master’s degree in Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration.

The bride was a vision of grace in her emerald-green floral attire, complemented by carefully chosen jewelry that added an extra layer of elegance to her ensemble.

The wedding celebration underscored the importance of cultural heritage, with the groom’s team sporting green pants paired with coordinated shirts, emulating a striking visual representation of unity and shared values.

The event was attended by close relatives, friends, and notable figures, including Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe’s son, Davidson Wakair, who was among the groom’s attendants.

At some point, the Prime Cabinet Secretary gracefully took to the dance floor, charming and entertaining the guests with rhythms of a popular Luhya tune.

This was also not a solely a merging of two hearts, but a harmonizing of cultures with a son of Mt. Kenya embracing the daughter of Mulembe nation, weaving together a love narrative that authentically embodies Kenya’s unity.

Attendees hailing from the central region of Kenya adorned themselves in their customary earth-toned brown ensembles, customary attire for occasions like ruracio.

The iconic kiondo bags and various offerings were traditionally presented to the bride’s family during ceremony.