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Nana Owiti on investing in real estate while in college

Nana Owiti, the wife of rapper King Kaka, recently shared her intriguing journey as a landlady, opening up on an entertaining glimpse into her experiences with various types of tenants.

In a candid series of posts on her social media, Nana revealed that she took on the role of a landlord at a remarkably young age of 20. Her initial properties were modest structures crafted from iron sheets. Alongside a throwback photo from when she was around 22 years old, she proudly recounted her growth and resilience, playfully encouraging those less fond of reading to “hop off the bus.” She humorously reminded readers that while the post might not be everyone’s cup of tea, they could still appreciate her timeless style.

Nana’s reflection delved into the challenges she faced as a young adult, juxtaposed against her rapid transition into parenthood after the untimely loss of both her parents. The weight of becoming a surrogate mother to her 9-year-old sister demanded a swift adjustment to her new role. She acknowledged the absence of a manual for navigating life’s challenges but highlighted the choices she made, revealing her determination to step up and provide.

“You see, Most of you don’t remember what you were doing at 22. I didn’t have that luxury. For me, every decision was calculated subconsciously sometimes. You see, I became a parent in my teens by losing both our parents. Life didn’t give me time to prepare for what that looked like and neither did it hand me a manual. My mother’s shoes had to be filled quickly! My 9yr old sister had to have a ‘mother’ or something close to that. Thinking back, I always thought I didn’t have a choice but to step up,” shared Nana. 

She acknowledged the existence of opportunities to give up when times were tough, but she emphasized her commitment to persevering. She also recalled a series of peculiar and amusing stories related to her tenants, suggesting that she had lived a multitude of lives.

Nana fondly remembered her first house, painted and standing out among the rest. She recalled that each lot seemed to have a “crazy” tenant, adding a touch of humor to her experiences. Despite the challenges, her initial construction endeavours unlocked a newfound determination within her.

It came as a surprise to learn that Nana had embarked on her journey as a landlady at the tender age of 20. By the time she was 24, she managed an impressive portfolio of 13 rental houses. With pride and a dash of motivational fervor, she urged readers to recognize that age should never be a barrier to pursuing one’s goals. She candidly advised that life’s hardships are inevitable, and enduring them is essential to achieving greatness. In a message to inspire action, she reminded everyone that waiting for the perfect moment is futile, advocating for a start wherever you are with whatever resources you possess. 

“I was 20 when I had that constructed. By the time I was 24, I had 13 rental hoses!I was a LANDLADY Boy, I don’t know who am talking to but age should never be an excuse to do damn sh*t. Also, to be the best you must be able to handle the WORST. Life will always knock you down..Yes! Go down but DONT stay down!! Manze halafu don’t wait to have it all 2do what you plan to do. You will never have it all. Start where you are and with what you have because everything you need, you have. Never be scared to start small,” said the media personality.

Nana’s narrative ultimately boiled down to an encouraging call to action. She urged her audience to begin their journeys without fear of starting small, emphasizing that everything they need is already within their grasp. As she concluded, her advice was to remain steadfast in faith and positivity, reminding all to stay “PRAYED UP.”

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