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Holy Dave plans to open ‘HD’s Kitchen’ in January

By Amina Wako November 2nd, 2020 2 min read

Gospel singer Holy Dave has revealed that he plans to open the HD’s Kitchen restaurant early next year.

“HD’s Kitchen will be launched in January. We will employ the youth and give them a source of income and make a bigger impact in Kenya,” Holy Dave said.

Speaking to Nairobi News, the singer said his restaurant will be a unique concept.

“It’s more of a kitchen than a restaurant. You can even go into the kitchen and watch as your food is being prepared. I want it to be a kitchen away from your home Kitchen,” he said.

In an early interview with Nairobi News, Holy Dave had mentioned that he was in consultation with his advisory team on a bigger project.

“I’m consulting my team to see where to take this because I’m a business mind and I see an opportunity in everything that comes my way. But there are also risks involved and I’m trying to calculate the risks and see if I can probably invest in something,” he said then.

The gospel singer has a passion for cooking but the Coronavirus pandemic and government restrictions to stay at home in an effort to curb the spread of the virus gave him more free time.

Dave decided to use his stay at home time to showcase culinary skills to his fans online.

“I started cooking by mistake. Coronavirus came and then there I am. I’m like I wanna make a meal and I don’t have content for Instagram. So, I’m like why don’t I take this one and a half-hour that I’m making this chicken and convert it into constructive time,” Holy Dave told Nairobi News in an interview in June.

Before this major announcement, his social media posts have attracted the attention of individuals and companies. Some have already partnered with him while more are in talks with the Financial Modelling expert.

“We already have partners on board, and we are holding a discussion with many others,” he added.