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‘Home Beautiful’ Facebook group gives Kenyans sleepless nights

A newly established Facebook group on home ownership has been giving Kenyans sleepless nights as members continue to share their grand mansions.

The secret group, Home Beautiful, was created on February 11, 2020 and had, by March 10, 2020, attracted 152,477 members.

It is described as a group that “allows members to showcase their property, interior/exterior designs, decor skills, share their home ownership journey, home”.

Some users have shared their magnificent houses, mainly built up country, which they say are their retirement homes.

Some of the houses are built using imported materials. They are spacious, have sunken lounges, automatic toilets, magnificent interiors and well-manicured lawns.


That is not all. Some houses have well-contoured perimeter walls, stone-clad exteriors as well as professionally done driveways and landscaping.

However, not everyone in the group is sailing in the same boat of grandiosity.

Some users have been enthralled by the nature of the houses, which they say is costing them some much-needed sleep.

Here are a few:

One said: “Pressure is Real. I just need some testimonies indicating how people started from Grass to this Grace am seeing in this group. Ama maombi mnaenda Kwa mlima upi?”

Another advised: “Jipee 3yrs-4yr save 300k kwa sacco they give you loan 3 times that amount buy your first plot.”

Another added: “Me hata sijui nani aliniiingiza kwa hiyo group… nilijioata huko…na bado naishi bedsitter… sijui nitasurvive aje huko.”

Another user lamented: “Lakini that group has turned into a humble bragging and clout chasing thing.”

One user said: “Hiyo group manze inafanya you feel as if you are living under a tree.. Lanes.”

Yet another said: “Mimi naona then am asking myself many questions, kwani some of us are escorting others here Kenya? Hahhaha.”