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Honest matatu conductor gifted Sh130k so far by well-wishers

The honest matatu conductor who returned a customer’s Sh30, 000 has received overwhelming appreciation from well-wishers .

Daniel Mwaura’s act of returning money after a commuter left his wallet in his matatu has earned him praise. He has so far received Sh130, 000 from people who appreciated his gesture.

The latest appreciation came from Ben Ngene Gituku, the chairman of the Communication Authority, who on Wednesday gave the conductor Sh30, 000.

Mr Gituku said he thought of giving Mr Mwaura the same amount he returned to reward his honesty.


“I felt touched by your story and wanted to appreciate the young man’s honesty. Honesty is one of the things we need to encourage in our society. Young people need to know that there are rewards in doing good,” Mr Gituku told Nairobi News.

He went on to narrate his experience in Dubai when he lost his phone in a hotel.

“I look forward to when Kenya will be like Dubai where if you forget anything you will always find it. I once left my phone in a hotel in Dubai and only noticed when the plane was leaving the airport. I contacted the hotel and was told everything will be fine and sure enough I found my phone,” Mr Gituku narrated.

Mr Mwaura has so far received Sh130, 000 from well wishers who have been texting and thanking him for being honest.

“I have been receiving messages and M-Pesas. Some just want to appreciate me. I intend to use the money wisely since we have a baby coming and this will go a long way to buy the baby essentials,” Mr Mwaura told Nairobi News.


The conductor’s wife has already benefited from a free ante-natal clinic at the Nairobi Hospital and is set to deliver her second child at the hospital free of charge.

Mr Mwaura is also set to enroll for a Diploma in Information Technology courtesy of comedian Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill, a course he dropped out of in 2011 due to lack of school fees.

“I will actually be registering later today (Wednesday) for the September intake at the Technical University of Kenya,” said Mr Mwaura.