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How city woman discovered fiancé of 2 years was a wanted gangster

In a video that has since gone viral, a lady who requested to remain anonymous and even hid her face, narrated how she was dating a robber for two years without her knowledge.

“I never knew I was dating a robber and he never told me what he was doing for two years,” said the city woman who requested anonymity.

The woman said her fiancé, Jonte, was always providing for her and willing to share his wealth. When she requested Sh50,000 to go on a vacation, he paid without much hesitation. However, she never knew the source of his cash, and Jonte never shared any details about it.

According to the lady, Jonte was always treating her well, and she never suspected that he was involved in any illegal activities.

Whenever she visited him, she would notice changes in the house, but since he was providing for her, she stopped questioning him.

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“Kila wakati nikienda kwake nilikuwa napata amechange kitu, kama ni kiti kiko more advanced.(Every time I would visit him, I would find he has something new or he has upgraded one of his assets like his couches),” she said.

One day, while they were watching movies on Netflix, a mob of people knocked on the door, and they started beating up Jonte.

The woman tried to plead with them to forgive him, but they did not, instead, they beat him to death.

“My biggest secret is that I came to find out that the man I was seeing was a robber, and this happened when I witnessed as he was being killed,” the woman narrated. She said she never knew the man was dangerous, and the incident traumatized her.

The woman’s story has since gone viral, with many netizens expressing shock and sympathy. Some have even shared their own experiences, urging people to be cautious and vigilant about the people they date.

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