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How Huddah Monroe’s friends plotted ‘to take her out’

Socialite Huddah Monroe has made shocking allegations about a near-fatal incident in 2018, where she claims that three of her former female friends were involved in a dangerous plot to take her life.

Huddah took to her Instagram page to recount the harrowing details of the incident that left her gravely ill for three days.

In a candid and revealing post, Huddah described the traumatic events that transpired in 2018.

She opened up about being drugged and nearly losing her life as a result of a sinister scheme orchestrated by individuals she once considered friends.

“Ever since I got drugged in 2018, I was half dead for three days straight, and it was done by three ladies who act all holy online,” Huddah shared on her Instagram page.

Huddah explained that the person sent by her former friends to carry out the plot had initially shown interest in her, but he did not take their actions to the extreme.

In a surprising turn of events, he called doctors to provide Huddah with food and essential IV drips while she was incapacitated.

“Ever since I got drugged in 2018, I was half dead for three days straight and it was done by three ladies who act all holy online. The person they sent liked me and he didn’t go to the extreme. He even called doctors to give me food and IV drips.”

However, Huddah said the true intent behind the plot became clear when she regained consciousness.

The person who had allegedly been sent by her former friends had taken compromising photos of her, portraying her as lifeless.

She said that the aim was to use these images to tarnish her reputation and falsely claim that she was an addict.

“They knew they couldn’t manipulate me in that way, so they used my business as a game plan. Sent this dude to act as an investor,” Huddah explained.

Huddah expressed gratitude for the individual who had alerted medical professionals and played a role in saving her life.

Huddah’s decision not to press charges against the culprits was influenced by various factors, including the pregnancy of one of the individuals involved and the location of the other two in Kenya.

She chose to forgive, emphasizing the potential harm that could have befallen her had the plot been carried out to its fullest extent.

“When people shout someone was killed because of jealousy ask them how they know anyone can kill anyone out of jealousy. How do you know? Thank God that I know people in high places. he had run away but we arrested him within five hours.

They asked me if I wanted to press charges but one of the culprits was heavily pregnant and the other two were I Kenya so I chose to forgive. I couldn’t be hear if the guy did what he had been instructed by those three evil women.”

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