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How Murugi Munyi responded to allegations of infidelity in her marriage

By Freya Wanjiku September 12th, 2023 2 min read

Content creator cum influencer Murugi Munyi has opened up about her marriage.

In a candid conversation with Lynn Ngugi, the host of the TMI podcast explained it was love at first sight.

Having parted ways with her then-boyfriend before leaving to South Africa, Murugi who had sired a child with him, and now being a single mom knew what she was looking for in a man.

“When I came back, I got a new job and it was me and my son against the world, had a phase of dating though they never materialised. When I met my husband in 2017, we were working in the same organization and I was beside myself admiring him and so was him too. We got married within one year of dating,” she says.

While a number of men are shy about dating and marrying single mothers, Murugi reveals that her husband fell in love more because of the fact that she was a single mother having been raised by one.

“He proposed to me when we were hiking and had reached the top of Mtjac Kenya. I said yes to him because he ticked all the boxes,” she explains.

Though the marriage had some reality checks afterward, Murugi highlights that marriage is a commitment where two people choose to be in one for the long haul or not.

When news of infidelity in the relationship recently sufficed, Murugi says that while she holds no grudge against the ones who spread the news, she understands that they are all making money.

“However, it affected us because Zach is a very private person, and even the times I post him it ever after so much convincing. Be it as it may, the narrative around it was very personal and it was a very difficult moment that we even separated at some point but did not break up,” she recalls.

Then adds, “This is because the situation was causing us stress that it was really impossible for us to just be together at that time in a respectable way.”

While the two love birds went to therapy and had a decent conversation about it, Murugi became aware that not everyone who was clapping for her really wanted her marriage to work.

“I think a lot of people are still angry because Zach and I are still together today and we are happy. I get messages that I’m pretending to be happy telling me it is okay to let go.”

As her takeaways, Murugi notes that they are happy and glad that they fought for their marriage. “We learned very valuable lessons. Firstly, it is very possible to take someone who you are with for granted but when you can lose them in a split second the family could be over. It definitely has made us a lot more appreciative of each other, keen about the kind of things we allow into our space, and put more boundaries. I can definitely say that we are in an amazing space, we are loving where we are and are appreciative of each other more,” she adds.

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