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How naughty 10-year-olds blew Sh200k in Nairobi’s swanky life

You only live once”, or Yolo as it is known in its swankier short form, is a popular phrase among the younger generation.

But if what three young boys from Wajir County did last week is anything to go by, then the youth should probably get another catchphrase to justify their adventurous and at times, reckless ways.

Were it not for a police raid at the Riverside Hotel, a popular lodging on 11th Street, Eastleigh in Nairobi, the three youngsters, two aged 10 and the other 11, could probably be on the streets by now after spending their entire loot.

They had Sh30,000 on them when officers from the Pangani Police Station pounced.

Mohamed Ismail, a community leader in Eastleigh, who together with journalist Yassin Juma, facilitated their release from the police cells, says the youngsters even tried to bribe the officers who arrested them.

The three boys had told the police that a week before their arrest, they had picked Sh200,000 that had fallen off the pockets of a drunk man at the famous Ngamia Bar in Wajir Town. The three hail from Wagberi, Township and South C, all located in the town.

How the three boys managed to get access to a bar is still a mystery but with their new found riches, they decided to make a trip of a lifetime to the capital. Apparently, one of them has an aunt who lives in Pangani and had been in Nairobi before, so he had an idea of what they would find in the big city.

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SOURCE: Daily Nation