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How police rescued abducted woman at Lucky Summer

January 5th, 2016 2 min read


A woman who had allegedly been kidnapped at Lucky Summer, in Nairobi’s Ruaraka area has been rescued and three abductors shot dead, according to the police.

Bibian Atieno Okumu said that she left Mumias on Monday and arrived in Nairobi at around 7.30pm when she met a man who was to take her to Industrial Area to buy iron sheets.

But on Tuesday, at around 5am a man knocked at the door and called her by name. She opened the door and five men forced themselves into the house. They robbed her of Sh34,000 and later ordered her to call her family members to send more cash.

What followed was a well thought out plan that saw the three suspects gunned down.

“They ordered me to write and sign a cheque for them. I complied and they later took me all the way to Utawala where my son works. I was blindfolded. I don’t know what transpired there. After about 30 minutes, they took me back to Lucky Summer,” she told the Nation at the Ruaraka Police Station.


The victim’s daughter deposited Sh400,000 in their Cooperative Bank account. After the suspects were informed that the cash had been deposited, they allowed her to use her phone freely.

“They gave me my phone and told me not to panic as they would release me as soon as their colleagues came back from the bank,” she recounted.

However, when the two of them left for the bank, she informed the daughter to direct the bank to cancel the transaction.

Unaware, two of them went to the bank leaving the woman with three other abductors. The two were arrested at the bank and detectives led by the Ruaraka OCS Amos Ambasa traced the woman’s phone signals to Lucky Summer.

Police raided the house where they shot the three dead and rescued the woman. A Beretta pistol loaded with 5 rounds of ammunition was also recovered in the house.