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How Sonko’s Jamhuri Day message was received by Kenyans

By Mary Wangari December 12th, 2019 2 min read

Embattled Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko left tongues wagging with his Jamhuri Day message to Kenyans which caught some off guard following earlier reports that the governor was seriously ill and admitted at the hospital.

Sonko, who was conspicuously missing from the national event held at the Nyayo Stadium, took to Twitter on Wednesday, December 12, where he posted a goodwill message to Nairobi residents and Kenyans at large, as they marked 56 years since Kenya acquired self-rule.

“I’m happy to join the rest of Kenyans in marking the 56th Jamhuri day celebrations. Jamuhuri Day reminds us of the power of independence and why it’s important for every one of us to fight for our rightful position in society and all spheres of life,” his post read.

It did not take long before netizens started streaming to his page where some decided to welcome him back to freedom and update him on the happenings during his three day incarceration at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison over graft charges.

“Brathe ulisomewa kesi mingi kuliko zile kura miguna alipata Nairobi,” said Baite

Others took that opportunity to console the former Makadara Member of Parliament for his political woes, which saw him dramatically arrested on Friday, December 6.

However, as is the norm with Kenyans who have a tendency to make fun of any incident regardless of how grave it is, a section of netizens took the chance to mock the governor concerning his ‘sudden illness’ and ‘miraculous quick recovery.’


“You were sick before allowed the bail out by the court, after that I thought you would go back to KNH. Ulipona instantly,” wondered Emmanuel Kipkosgei

“Its a miracle Fully healed,” wrote Katie Wereski.

“We want to come and visit you boss! Uko Aga Khan, Nairobi ama Kenyatta hospital?” posed Chilal.

“Tweeting from Kenyatta National Hospital or where sir,” wrote Munyasi Dennis.

“Kwani ulipona after kuachiliwa,” wondered Kuria Maina.

“How do u feel sir? Umepona ama?” wrote James.

“I thought you were in a hospital bed being nursed to get better again. Vitimbiii,” wrote Lawrence Muga.