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Huddah Monroe on why women should get kids at 35

Socialite Huddah Monroe has advocated for delaying motherhood until the age of 35.

The advice comes in the wake of disturbing revelations from US actress Keke Palmer, who recently filed a restraining order against her baby daddy, accusing him of multiple instances of abuse.

Huddah took to social media to share her insights, stating:

“Young ladies, please don’t have a child before 35. Go get a 10-year contraceptive. Call my gynecologist even. He will advise. Do not rush and bring a child into this messy world. People need to find themselves and God before they find your womb sis!”

Drawing attention to the prevalent issue of single parenthood, she added:

“And not by choice. Some are single parents in a marriage. See the trend and close your legs until you know you can handle your sh*t.”

Despite clarifying that she doesn’t align with feminism, Huddah emphasized the importance of taking time to understand one’s partner thoroughly.

“I hate the whole movement coz it’s one of the reasons we are where we are today. Take time to learn someone, when they are angry, when they are happy. Do they have the mental capacity to handle any situation? I fear people who shout or throw things when angry. I’ll never talk to you again,” she laughed.

The socialite went on to express her concern about individuals ignoring red flags in relationships.

Huddah also added that it is important to know the person one is getting children with.

According to Huddah, two years is not enough time to know someone well and sire a child with them.

“That’s why it’s good to take your time to really get to know them. In all ways. Like Keke was with the dude for 2 years, that’s a short period. And even in that short time, you can trust your instincts which women are blessed with, and also trust the sh** you see.”

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