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Huddah reveals when and how she broke her virginity

Socialite Huddah Monroe has caused chatter on social media after revealing how she lost her virginity.

Huddah prompted her fans to ask her questions on her Insta stories and one fan decided to ask her if she was still a virgin.

She responded by saying that she broke her virginity while at the age of 19 years. However it is the circumstances of how it happened that has left tongues wagging.

According to her it happened after the man she was with got her drunk with alcohol and then later took advantage of her.

“I broke my virginity when I was nineteen this guy got me drunk then he f***** me, so I guess that is rape right, I need to press charges on him,” said Huddah.

Her confession sparked an online conversation which appeared to have struck a nerve on a section of Kenyans on Twitter.
Below is what they had to say.