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Hypocrite-in-chief? Moral cop Mutua roasted for praising Richard Quest

By CHAD KITUNDU October 29th, 2018 1 min read

Moral Policeman Ezekiel Mutua has been termed a hypocrite after he defended CNN business journalist Richard Quest’s church appearance.

The journalist, who is openly gay, was in Kenya on assignment to cover Kenya Airways’ maiden direct flight to the United States.

Dr Mutua, who never hides his contempt for homosexuals, was all praise after Mr Quest attended a church service at Jubilee Christain Centre (JCC) on Sunday.

“Quest may be gay, but he is a top notch journalist who can sense newsworthy stories with unique angles,” write Mutua in a long post on social media.

He added: “His sexual orientation has nothing to do with his work. Let him be. Quest was not in church to sell gay ideology. He was there to cover a story of resilience and hope.”

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) chief executive has always been too keen to ban pro gay films and TV series in the name of maintaining moral levels in the country.

Here is how Kenyans on Twitter reacted to his post.