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I aspire to be a mother of 5 – Amber Ray

Kenyan socialite and mother of two, Amber Ray has revealed that she plans on siring five children in her lifetime.

In a candid interview with Lynne, Eric Omondi’s partner, she shared her aspiration to expand her family saying, “I aspire to be a mother of five, but I’m aware that age is catching up with me. I want to ensure that I don’t give birth at an advanced age, as I want to enjoy my time with my children.”

The socialite went on to reveal that she has had natural birth for both her children, further sharing her reasons behind this preference over C sections.

“I opted for natural birth during both of my pregnancies,” Amber Ray revealed. “During my first pregnancy, I simply couldn’t afford a Cesarean section (C-section), and luckily, I didn’t have an extended labor. Now, I’m looking forward to having two more children.”

But what motivated Amber Ray to make the daring choice of natural childbirth over the more common C-section procedure? Her reasons are both intriguing and controversial.

“For me, the appeal of natural childbirth lies in the fact that you can return to your regular life much quicker after the baby is born,” Amber Ray explained. “Once the baby is out, the pain is forgotten, and it’s easier to regain your figure. I had options, but I deliberately avoided a C-section because I didn’t want to be confined at home or be limited in what I could do for myself. It simply didn’t suit me.”

Amber Ray also revealed that during her first childbirth experience, there was a point where she had to be induced. “I didn’t have a long labor. I started experiencing contractions around 5:00 pm, and by 9:00, I was admitted to the hospital. Strangely, as soon as I was admitted, the contractions disappeared. The doctor had to induce labor, and less than two hours later, I had my baby. It was a grueling and painful experience, and I even had a tear, which required stitching.”

The traumatic aspect of her first childbirth experience, particularly the tear, had a significant impact on her decision to opt for natural childbirth. “I suffered a severe tear during my first pregnancy, and the injections used to numb me weren’t effective. They told me that they couldn’t administer more injections because it would exceed the recommended dosage. At one point, I had to be stitched up without adequate anesthesia, and the pain was excruciating. Fortunately, I recovered within two weeks.”