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‘I ‘failed’ KCSE, but I did 45 foreign trips last year,’ Larry Madowo

Celebrated CNN journalist Larry Madowo has taken to social media to share his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) results, offering words of encouragement to the 2023 candidates who recently received their results.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, January 9, Madowo shared his personal story of overcoming academic setbacks and achieving remarkable success in his career.

The award-winning journalist said that despite his “failure” in the national exam, he went on to have an incredible 45 foreign trips in the year 2023, spanning across 27 countries.

Madowo stressed that his B- grade in the exam did not limit his accomplishments or opportunities.

“I ‘failed’ KCSE, but I did 45 foreign trips last year – 27 countries. My B- in the national exam was so bad I was getting pushed to repeat Form 4! Mtu asikupimie hewa,” he boldly stated in his Facebook post.

Encouraging the 2023 candidates, Madowo emphasized that no one should allow their grades to make them feel limited.

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He urged them to rise above any challenges and pursue their dreams regardless of academic setbacks.

To drive home his message, Madowo shared a captivating video compilation on his Facebook account titled ‘2023 RECAP. 27 countries in 3 minutes.’

The video showcased snippets from his travels around the globe, beginning with scenes of him on a scooter, waiting for a train, and boarding various modes of transportation.

The video featured Madowo’s adventures in countries such as Switzerland, Portugal, Morocco, Nepal, Rwanda, Nigeria, Norway, the United States of America, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Botswana, England, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Slovakia, France, Sudan, among others.

Throughout the clips, Madowo could be seen immersing himself in diverse cultures, dancing along to local music, and sharing laughter with residents.

The journalist’s vibrant and positive experiences served as a testament to his message that success is not determined by academic grades.

Madowo is among the successful journalists in Kenya and beyond.