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I like them fried: Meet man in love with yummy cockroaches – VIDEO

A man in Kibera has found a way of supplementing his diet with proteins; by eating cockroaches.

Geoffrey Lugaye feeds on the insects that roam freely in his house. He likens their taste to that of flying termites.

Mr Lugaye told NTV that he prefers eating cockroaches because he finds them very delicious compared to other options.

“Nazikaranga hata saa zengine nakula kamoja moja hivi.”

He claims the coackroaches boost his immunity to diseases.

He even shared a secret recipe to his most scrumptious cockroach meal

“I tried the boiled option but I did not like it, I like them fried. Unaweka mafuta kidogo ukiweka mingi bado itamezwa yote, unaweka ndimu kidogo inasaidia digestion. Mende na ugali iko sawa sana.”

Kenyans online had this to say.

“He is highly welcomed in my house i am tired of them and i see he can assist me in operation maliza mende,” said Steel Pulse.

“You will be surprised that this man may never know sickness,” wrote Susan Susan.

“Hii story inanisaidia aje? Anyway Kenyans are a stressed but innovative lot.. Next someone should prepare to crush bedbugs for us,” suggested Lillian Nafula.

“I would prefer them than supermarket meat,” commented Ihuthia David.

“Hii sirikal inafanya wanainchi kukula mende; uchumi iko mbaya saidi,” said Mutuku Mwendwa.