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Yes, I ‘stole’ the salad photo, busted Kobi Kihara admits and goes on post deleting spree

After being savagely trolled on social media for a plagiarized salad photo, TV personality Kobi Kihara, she has come out to defend herself over the incident.

Speaking to Nairobi News from New York, the former host of AM Live on NTV, said that she is okay with what she posts because they are curated and that she is happy that she is trending.

“I just woke up to this mayhem, but it is a good thing, people should know that my page is curated,” said Ms Kihara on the phone.

In her latest post on Instagram, Kobi apologised for misleading her followers but fell short of outrightly admitting that the photo in question wasn’t her original content.

She also attempted to downplay the trolls by saying that she can handle being an online punching bag.


TV girl Kobi Kihara plagiarised salad photo and Kenyans won’t let her be

But while Kobi, who is currently studying the US, attempted to put up a brave face, she meanwhile went on a post deleting spree on Instagram.

By the time Nairobi News spoke to her, she had deleted as many as 16 posts, including the salad one that exposed her.

She is also yet to respond to Nairobi News’ query on why she deleted the infamous salad photo post.

All this while, the trolls continued as the unforgiving Kenyans on Twitter kept the hashtag #KobiKiharaChallenge trending all day long with funny memes.

This they did by posting images and messages of far-fetched situations and scenarios which they claimed to be real. Sample some: