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CITY GIRL: I want to be the new-age trophy wife

I know the term ‘trophy wife’ portrays a young, brainless arm candy married to a rich older man.

I know you have heard that a trophy wife is a kept woman; one who does not work but stays at home painting her nails scarlet red and looking after the children.

Well, all that maybe true about the traditional trophy wife, but not the kind I want to be.

Welcome to the age of a new breed of trophy wives. They are their own independent women, not afraid to work hard, successful in their own right, who just happen to marry rich, older men who know what they want in life.

The new breed of trophy wives – like me – believe that while you may not need a man to propel you to success, you need a strong-minded, sober, successful and well-off older man to support you as you work on your career and business.

I strongly believe, and subsequently advocate this, that any young, ambitious woman with dreams must marry an older man and be a new-age trophy wife.


You see, if you marry an older man – say one in his late thirties or early forties, you get the best of both worlds. You get a refined gentleman; one who knows how to treat you right.

Secondly, you get a mentor whose career and business has already taken off so he does not get intimidated by you or your success.

That older man has already done his time in the workforce, he has made his money, he has had enough of the spotlight, and if he is a good man, he will be ready to support you at your time in the spotlight.

You, on the other hand, as a new-age trophy wife, must be exactly what he needs. Men as I know them, want to hang around women like them. Don’t be lied to, dear readers, that a successful man will go out with a buxom babe who cannot make a meaningful contribution in a conversation.

Far from it, successful men go for equally smart, put-together young women who will make them look good when they accompany them to business parties and cocktails. A new-breed trophy wife comes as a package. Beauty and brains. None without the other.


You cannot be pretty and brainless and you certainly can’t be a cerebral powerhouse donning worn out high heels.

I mean, look at George Clooney and his human rights superstar lawyer Amal Alamuddin. George is an older, refined gentleman who has had his experience with models, bimbos, actresses and Hollywood hangers-on but when it came to getting married, George went for a young, ambitious and successful 37-year-old internationally recognised human rights lawyer. That is what older, successful men want. Ambition. Drive. Zeal.

Leave the staying at home and waiting for mzee to bring home the bison to Kilimani mums. Leave the ‘My-Husband-Makes-Enough-Money-For-Us” attitude to those lazy stay-at-home mums who spend their days doing yoga and lusting after the houseboy.

The new-age trophy wives are the real deal. I understand that a good older man is hard to find. Most are married. You know what I fee about married men, stay away from that trainwreck.

But, if you ever chance upon an unmarried older man in his forties, a divorcee or one who is separated, and is showing signs of settling down, grab that chance. That is God smiling at you!