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TIES THAT BIND: Some important lessons from the Royal Wedding for every bride-to-be

Last weekend was all about the royal wedding. The infectiousness of the occasion was irresistible, ever many miles and many continents from the venue.

Here in Nairobi, a hotel charged an arm and a leg to watch the event live… on TV, brides-to-be kept an eye on what Meghan Markle wore on her big day so that they too could get royal-esque gowns for their weddings, not to mention all the excitement and disappointment of watching the last eligible bachelor with the word ‘Prince’ as a title and not a name walking down the aisle.

Thankfully, with the hullabaloo that was last weekend’s royal wedding done and dust, it’s comforting that there will be some semblance of normalcy in the life of the royals in the name of in-laws.

My colleagues and I were wondering the other day if the newly weds will have the same problems that we normal experience in our relationships. Will Meghan feel resentment when Harry forgets and anniversary or doesn’t help out with some chores? I doubt it. They have people for that.

However, from what has been unfolding the past few days, it seems that the couple will still have to deal with each other’s’ families and learn to cope, just like the rest of us.

Brides to be, please be informed that when planning your wedding, you will always have that relative that would want to make your day about them or worse, just plain ol’ ruin it for you.


Apparently the former Suits star’s father had wanted to pull a stunt at the wedding and had pre-arranged photos with paparazzi ahead of Saturday. He later fessed up to it but then said that he wouldn’t make it to the big event anyway as he has to undergo surgery after suffering from a heart attack a week earlier.

He apparently had an operation on Wednesday and that would force him to stay in hospital, rather than walking his daughter down the aisle.

I don’t know if the alleged illness was true, if it was, then was very unfortunate. However, how odd does the timing seem to you? Just a week to the big wedding and he suffers a heart attack?

To me, it looks like he wants more attention than his daughter. And just like this, be sure that there will or was a relative that wanted your big day to be all about them.

On my wedding, there is a cousin of my husband’s who took over the show. He disorganized the ushers and the planning committee, disregarding the plans that we had put in place weeks before, when he was not even there.

At some point we have people in the videos that can be seen carrying furniture from one point to another and then taking it back. It was chaos.


Another relative, still from the same side, wanted more recognition than he deserved. From my understanding and experience, the invitation cards should include the names of the bride and groom’s parents for identification purposes as to whom the wedding belongs.

If my friend sends me an invitation, I will know whose wedding it is by their name on the card. My parents on the other hand, who might know their parents will know who is getting, married as so and so’s child.

In the case where someone is brought up by a guardian, but their parents are known and can be identified with them, the parents’ names still take precedence over that of the guardian.

So, a guardian had wanted their name on the invitation card as the parent of the groom. It did not make sense then, and it still does not. But it still is a sore subject for them as we did not do what they wanted.

They were most upset firstly because we did not consult them on how to make those cards and secondly for not acknowledging them as parents. I suspect this may be the reason that they have never come home to see our daughter.

So, Meghan (or should I address you as Duchess of Sussex?), worry not. Relatives, your own or your fiancé’s may have wanted to take the spotlight away from you on your big day, but they can never take away the happiness that the marriage will bring you. All the very best!