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‘Insane’ fan speeds into the pitch and attempts to run over referee – VIDEO

A video has emerged online showing the moment one football fan in South African drove a car at high speed into the pitch in an effort to knock down the match referee.

The video captures, the motorist, whose identity remains unknown, driving the BMW X5 into the pitch at high speed, and towards a crowd at the centre of the pitch.

The motorists reportedly wanted to run over the referee, but from the video the motorist misses his target as the crowd on the pitch scampers for safety.

Still determined, the driver turns the car round and speeds towards the assistant referee on touchline. This forces the man, and the technical bench to take to their heels.

South African media has reported that the incident took place during a league match involving Luka Ball Controllers and Polokwane Rovers in the lower tier league.

“Each time the game was set to restart he (the driver) threatened to go on to the field again. It spoiled the game because he kept trying to drive the car towards the City Rovers bench. He wanted to hit the referee, that is who he was targeting,” a source was quoted.