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Inside move to reconcile Tanzanian stars Diamond Platnumz Harmonize

Tanzanian musician Baba Levo has disclosed that Diamond Platnumz, his boss and renowned artist, has been making earnest efforts to mend fences with his former protégé Harmonize.

The revelation came during an interaction with online journalists, where Baba Levo showcased a new car that Diamond had assisted him in purchasing for his young son.

The discussion turned to the recent joint photo featuring Baba Levo, Harmonize, and Rayvanny at a casino, prompting questions about the dynamics between the artists.

Baba Levo candidly shared insights into the strained relationship between Harmonize and Diamond, acknowledging the existing discord.

“Hamonize has always had a bad relationship with his former boss, Diamond,” Baba Levo stated.

He went on to reveal that Diamond Platnumz expressed a genuine desire to meet both Harmonize and Rayvanny for advisory discussions.

“I don’t see if Harmonize has any problem. I have sat with him, I have talked with him, and I have sat again with Diamond Platnumz. Diamond told me that one day he will sit with all his young men [Harmonize and Rayvanny] and give them advice on how they can grow because he sees that they have come out of the label but they do not reach the level that he had planned in his head while they were in the label,” explained Baba Levo.

Baba Levo emphasized that Diamond’s intentions are sincere and not mere jest.

According to Baba Levo, Diamond has conveyed his earnest desire on multiple occasions to spend quality time with Harmonize and Rayvanny to guide their growth as artists.

“I am the one who will bring them; Diamond knows that there are others who have resentment and hatred, but he knows that they cannot avoid him because he is their father. So I will bring them, they will sit with him, and he will advise them,” Baba Levo affirmed.

In July 2022, Baba Levo also revealed that Diamond had lectured Rayvanny like a small baby before he quit the record label.

According to the singer, Rayvanny cried in front of his former boss while advising him not to ruin their work relationship.

According to Baba Levo, Diamond told Rayvanny not to make it hard that they would no longer work together.

Baba Levo said Rayvanny complained that working under Wasafi there was a lot of delay for him to work with other artists.

“He wanted to have the freedom. Rayvanny paid a lot of money to ditch Wasafi because of the contract termination.”

Speaking about the relationship between Harmonize and Diamond, Levo said they advised him to stop competing with his boss as he would never be him.

Harmonize left WCB at the end of 2019 while Rayvanny left in June 2022.

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