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Inside the Omoke, GK Nyambura drama

A squabbling couple has treated the online community to drama after a video of their no so pleasant night altercation went viral.

It all began with lamentation from the man by the name Omoke of how content creator GK Nyambura showed up at his doorstep at 4am and caused a scene after he declined to let her in.

“Shows up to my door. Asking to reconcile. When I don’t let her and two friends in, she breaks my flower pots then this follows,” the man posted with a video of the lady screaming.

To this Nyambura responded with claims that she only went to pick her clothes from man’s house where she says she assaulted by the watchman.

“Extorting my friends $2000 (Sh200,000) is not legal. And you and your watchman can’t physically assault me and you start to gaslight me,” she wrote.

Rubbishing claims of reconciliation, she posed, “Why would I go with my friends if I’m trynna reconcile?”

The bickering couple gave the online community a juicy topic to share memes.