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Investigation into Pangani building tragedy commences

The government has initiated a comprehensive multi-agency inspection and assessment of the Pangani building responsible for the tragic death of four workers and injuries to eight others.

Joel Arumonyang, the Public Works PS, affirmed that any individuals or entities found responsible for the casualties resulting from the collapsed residential building under construction will face appropriate action.

In a statement issued on Monday, December 4, PS Arumonyang confirmed that Kenya Red Cross and the Kenya Police successfully recovered four bodies, and the previously missing person has been located.

“Rescue operations by the Kenya Red Cross and the Kenya Police, as well as emergency response units from the National Disaster Management Unit, other government agencies, and the Nairobi City County were called off at 6 pm when the missing person was accounted for,” PS Arumonyang stated.

The building in question, registered as Bajuun Towers under registration number 53128915710203 with the National Construction Authority, is developed by Bajuun Properties Ltd, and the construction contractor is Mac Sisters Limited.

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According to the PS, the tragic incident occurred as construction workers were engaged in plaster works on the external walls of the 15th, 16th, and 17th floors in a building designed to comprise 17 floors.

The government contends that adverse weather conditions weakened the structure, rendering it unable to support the weight of workers, equipment, and materials.

However, revelations indicate that at the time of the incident, workers lacked essential personal protective equipment, particularly helmets and safety harnesses. Additionally, the scaffolding structure lacked proper maintenance, making its collapse inevitable.

Consequently, the PS emphasized the need for workers, especially those operating at heights, to utilize platforms and scaffolds that meet approved safety and design standards.

“Regulations pertaining to the safety of works at height should be strictly adhered to, and consultants supervising such works should ensure the temporary works used by contractors are approved.”

The PS urged contractors to ensure construction workers adhere to safety standards, emphasizing that developers and contractors bear the greatest responsibility for providing a healthy and safe working environment for their workers.