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Exclusive: Murugi Munyi clarifies online feud with socialite Huddah Monroe

Content creator Murugi Munyi has approached to address what seemed like a brewing beef between her and Socialite Huddah Monroe.

The online clash commenced in June 2022 when Munyi, also known as Yummy Mummy, delivered what she described as an honest review of Monroe’s cosmetic products.

Specifically, she criticized the packaging, drawing parallels to examination success cards and questioning the accuracy of the product description.

Munyi also expressed concerns about the labelling of the cosmetic line as a nine-step system when she found two duplicate products in the package.

In her online critique, she vowed to provide a comprehensive review after using the products.

“It says it’s a nine-step system, but this is similar to this and this is similar to this, so technically it is a seven-step system,” Munyi remarked, pointing out what she perceived as inconsistencies.

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The critique didn’t sit well with Huddah Monroe, who responded by labelling Murugi Munyi a ‘hater’ and defending her products passionately.

Monroe emphasised the importance of influencers to her business and urged Murugi Munyi to focus on personal growth rather than criticizing others.

In a recent interview with Nairobi News, Murugi Munyi clarified her intentions behind the critique.

“I have no beef with her. I feel like I said the truth about her product and she felt bad about it, but I was not trying to hurt her or hammer her. All in all, I wish her so well as a woman,” she said.

Despite backlash from some of her followers during the online altercation, Murugi remains steadfast in her belief that social media is a space for free expression.

She acknowledged the diverse opinions on the platform, emphasizing the need for users to recognize that not everyone may share the same sentiments.

“Social media is a free space. What someone might consider cyberbullying, the other one might say, they are speaking their mind. I don’t think anything should be done to them, but just be aware that on social media, there are people who don’t know you yet they are also not happy when you thrive,” Murugi told Nairobi News.