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How matatu drivers lure city girls with ‘cockpit’ seats

There is an increasing trend – reminiscent of the 1990s – of matatu drivers and touts in Nairobi offering free rides to school and college female students in exchange for sexual favours, Nairobi News can reveal.

Investigations by Nairobi News have pointed towards an obsession by schoolgirls for pimped-up public service vehicles, most of which are infamous for loud – and often explicit – audio and video music.

The front seats – otherwise referred to as the “cabin” by the xaxa generation – are said to be a favourite among most teenage schoolgirls and college girls in their early 20s.


“For some reason, schoolgirls feel privileged to ride in the ‘cabin’ since other than not paying the fare, they also get some ‘privacy’ while chatting with the drive and selecting music of their choice.

“Of course some of these students get to save substantial amount of money through such engagements with matatu crew whom they naively offer sex,” a source revealed.

Cases of matatu drivers permanently reserving the “cabin” seats for their young female acquaintances at the expenses of other passengers are rife in some city routes.

There have also been unconfirmed reports of matatu crews engaging in lewd sexual acts with school girls inside the “cabin” under the cover of darkness during night trips.

These report comes in the wake of an incident early last month when the Police arrested 45 high school students who were caught taking drugs and engaging in sexual activity in a public transport vehicle.