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Is Zuchu now Diamond’s Sukari?

By Thomas Matiko January 27th, 2022 2 min read

For over a year now, the hottest rumour in town has it is that Tanzanian musicians Diamond Platnumz  and Zuchu are more than just friends.

And whereas Diamond, real name Naseeb Abdul Juma, has been uncharacteristically quiet on these claims, Zuchu, born Zuhura Othman Soud has been forced to severally deny these claims.

The 27 year old, known for his Sukari hit, and whom incidentally is a signee of Diamond’s Wasfi Label, has instead maintained she is single despite Diamond taking her out on numerous dates.
Her mother, legendary Taarabu singer Kadhija Kopa, has since come to her daughter’s defense, stating the two only share a sisterly- brotherly bond.

But Kopa has now changed the tune after the rumour took a new twist amid fresh reports claiming that the two could be heading for an Islamic wedding.

Kopa was recently ‘grilled’ about the claims on a radio interview and hinted the reports could be true as she gave her blessings.

“I am not aware or any marriage proposal at the moment. It’s the man who initiates such a conversation, it’s the man who marries I am not the one getting married. I wonder why you have to ask me that. I am not the right person to answer that,” she responded.

Pressed further, the Zanzibarian popularly known as ‘Malkia wa Mipasho’ thanks to her poetic lyrics, gave in and hinted the reports could be true.

“But even if there is anything going on between the two I don’t see any problem with that. Its not like they are related in any way. They aren’t born of same parents,” she added.

Juma Lokole a relative to Diamond and close friend to the singer and one who never shies away from speaking of Diamond relationships has also burst the bubble confirming the two are dating.

“Its true Zuhura (Zuchu) and Naseeb Abdul (Diamond) are in a relationship. It’s been a month now. Many have been asking this and I just want to confirm that its true,” the Wasafi radio presenter said on air.

So could it be that Zuchu has officially replaced Kenyan Tanasha Donna as Diamond’s Sukari