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Iyanii speaks on the harsh reality of Kenyan music industry

Iyanii, the ‘Pombe’ hitmaker, has come out guns blazing at Kenyans who do not support local music but complain about the poor state of the industry in the country. 

The star musician in an interview with Oga Obinna aired his frustrations with Kenyans who are quick to criticize local artists but do not support them through their music purchases and attendance at concerts.

“I think a fan who says that it’s about time they entered a studio and recorded their own music and put it out there. Let’s see how far it’ll go. It takes a lot of heart to be an artist, and I speak from a very personal point of view. It’s so wrong when you have taken your time and invested in your song and craft only for someone to come and say it’s mediocre work,” Iyanii stated.

The Kenyan music industry has been struggling for a long time, with artists facing many challenges ranging from piracy, low revenue from streaming, and lack of support from fans. Despite these challenges, artists continue to create great music that resonates with Kenyans and the world at large.

As an artist and creative, Iyanii acknowledges that not everything about him has to be perfect, and that’s part of being creative. “Just like any other human being, we also make mistakes,” he added.

Iyanii challenges fans who complain about Kenyan music being mediocre to try their hand at creating music themselves. “So if you’re out here saying you cannot listen to Kenyan music because it’s mediocre, get into the studio and try,” he said.

Iyanii is among the few artists who have managed to break through and gain popularity through their music. His hit song ‘Pombe’ has been a massive success, not only in Kenya but also across Africa. 

The Kenyan music industry has often faced criticism from Kenyans for not producing quality music, but Iyanii believes this mentality has been draining the industry. “It’s about time we changed the notion that Kenyan musicians aren’t doing anything. Kenyan artistes are stepping out and doing good things,” he said.

He further emphasized the importance of fans playing their part in supporting local music. “If you want to see the music industry grow, you have to support us. Attend concerts, buy our music, and stream our songs. This is the only way we can make a living and continue to create great music,” he added.

Iyanii calls on Kenyans to stop bashing Kenyan music and start supporting local artists instead. “Kenyans should stop bashing Kenyan music and start supporting the artists instead,” he emphasized.

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