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Jaguar opens up about impact of polygamy on his life

Former Starehe Member of Parliament Charles Njagua, widely known as Jaguar, has shared the profound impact that polygamy had on his life.

Speaking in an interview with Muthoni wa Kirumba, Jaguar delved into the tumultuous period when his parents’ marriage fell apart due to his father’s decision to take on another wife.

The decision created tension between his parents, leading to his mother’s choice to leave the marriage as his father eventually deserted them.

Reflecting on those difficult times, Jaguar expressed understanding and refrained from passing judgment on his father’s actions, acknowledging the complexities within their relationship.

He said, “You never know the issues going on between two people. I didn’t judge my father for his actions because I never knew their issues.”

Jaguar went on to describe the challenging aftermath of his parents’ separation.

“We moved to my grandmother’s as he married. I was in class six, then my mum got seriously ill. I used to leave school to work. She got sick after her troubled marriage, but she was okay before that. She sadly died.”

The former MP opened up about the struggles he faced during this period, battling with depression and taking on odd jobs to support his ailing mother.

“Mad depression, a lot of fights, I used to leave school to look for small jobs to buy her medicine.”

Unable to live with his father, who had disappeared frequently and struggled with alcoholism, Jaguar recalled a tumultuous period of being in and out of school, lacking in fees, taking on side hustles, and repeating classes multiple times. Support from relatives was intermittent.

Jaguar revealed that Kikuyu Benga musician Kigia Wa Esther became a crucial figure in his life after he lost his mother at the age of 11.

Kigia and his family welcomed Jaguar into their home, treating him as their own son despite being a stranger.

The musician-turned-politician emphasized how Kigia’s family provided him with education, support, and a sense of belonging during his struggles.