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Jaguar: Why music labels fail in Kenya

By Sinda Matiko October 29th, 2023 2 min read

Singer and politician Jaguar has cautioned gospel artiste Guardian Angel that his newly launched music label 7 Heaven Music is bound to close shop if the signed artiste doesn’t put in the work.

Winding up of music labels after a short stint isn’t something new in Kenya. Several music labels that opened up in pop and color closed shops barely five years after opening.

Bahati’s EMB Records closed down after three years with the controversial gospel singer citing lack of support and hate within the industry.

Otile Brown’s Just In Love Music label also collapsed despite bringing to the fold gifted singer Lexsil.
Nadia Mukami’s Sevens Creative Hub label no longer signs artists with the chanteuse stating that it is an expensive affair and frustrating, especially for signed artistes who become a nightmare once signed.

Nadia introduced her first signee Latinoh but their relationship was short-lived. Grand Pa which ruled the airwaves with several records also collapsed after it became unattainable to continue existing.

According to Jaguar, the survival of a music label in Kenya is pegged on how hard its signed artiste are committed to the course.

“The moment artists are signed to a label they become lazy, most of them don’t want to work hard. I have even told GuardianAngel and the artiste he signed, that if they don’t work hard it’s a waste of time. Being signed is 40 percent the rest is the hard work put in by artistes,”

Jaguar adds that what makes artists lazy once signed is the fact that they expect a lot from the labels.

“Most labels have failed and it’s because of the artists. Most artists expect once signed they are provided with everything by the label from a house, a car, a wife, everything. That’s the mentality that has been hurting our labels,”

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