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Jalang’o: Bad mannered Willy Paul can’t join Coke Studio

By THOMAS MATIKO December 17th, 2018 1 min read

Comedian Jalang’o has blasted gospel musician Willy Paul on his bad behaviors which have cost him a slot at the Coke Studio Africa 2019.

Every year or so, the Coke Studio selects established musicians as well as emerging artistes across Africa and pair them in a studio to produce recorded music that is later aired as a TV series.

Over the years, there have been complaints from several Kenyan artistes who feel unfairly left out and being denied the platform to showcase themselves across the continent.

Willy Paul is among such artiste. He has never been selected to join the Coke Studio since its introduction in Kenya, despite his music success.

In a recent engagement amongst artistes, Willy Paul brought up the issue by accusing the Cokes Studio Africa organizer of favoritism.

However in quick rejoinder Jalang’o, an insider at Coke Studio, told Willy Paul his bad manners have always played part whenever artistes are selected to the program.

“Wewe toka huko, ulitajwa, wakasema talent moto lakini tabia kama first born wa Judas! Ukatolewa.”

Willy Paul’s controversies have overshadowed his promising career since breaking into the limelight with hit song ‘Sitolia’ over half a decade ago