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Jealous singles can’t withstand this lovey-dovey habit of newlyweds

The first few months of marriage is usually blissful for most couples who seem to always want to share their happiness with people around them.

That is why it is not uncommon to get newlyweds flooding their timelines with sweet messages about love on social media.

But for all their good intentions there seems to be one irritating habit they have, at least this is according to Kenyans online.

Netizens have shared their opinion on exactly how they felt about the tendency of most newlyweds making their guests watch the wedding video.

It started with one online user warning others on Facebook not to visit couples who have wedded recently as you will have to go through the photo album and also watch the full wedding video.

“Visit a newly wedded couple at your own peril. They will make you watch their wedding DVD,” wrote one online user.

Others joined in to offer their agreement.


“I have had my fair share of that. Putting in mind it’s a wedding you attended,” Maris M’kami wrote.

“And give u album to see their photos,” Shanny Majani added.

“Why else would you want to visit a newly-married couple if not to watch the wedding DVD I will put it on for you and head to the bedroom, and you’ll have to see it alone,” Solo Eun said.

“At some point I switched off completely and found myself on WhatsApp chatting, she watched the rest alone,” M’maKyalo said.

“And you were the MC hahahaha and have to listen to all your comments,” Maryanne Nyambura commented.

“They think everyone is excited about their wedding,” Catherine Edward wrote.

“But nowadays the videos don’t go for more than 20 minutes surely you can handle that,” Sophie Mukolwe said.