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Jeff Koinange angers viewers with ‘primitive’ slur on West Pokot

West Pokot Governor John Lanyangapuo has received praises from Kenyans after his appearance on JKLive on Wednesday night on Citizen TV.

The governor who is best known for “Kijana mfupi amenono round” remark displayed an excellent understanding of his work as governor.

He presented the show host Jeff Koinange with facts about West Pokot and what he has done for his people, but the sad part was that the latter seemed to have either been unprepared for the interview or just ignorant.

As the governor argued his case, Jeff only kept talking about conflict and cattle rustling in the county.

But what seemed to anger many of the viewers was when Jeff referred to the people of West Pokot as ‘primitive’ because of the cattle rustling culture.

To this governor made it clear that it was a thing of the past in the county.

Here are some of the online comments:

“Jeff Koinange should refresh his journalism skills… he came to the interview with a negative attitude about the Pokot people… the governor was very focused,”Wambui Muriuki commented.

“Jeff, we appreciate you were born and raised in a well off family, that said… You didn’t have to refer to people from West Pokot severally as “Cattle rustlers”… Appreciate the effort being done to change… on literacy, FYI we have many graduates from West Pokot too… that said, it was a good show!” Mercy Chiri said.

“With all due respect… I love JKL… But felt negative attitude towards Pokot people from Jeff was at play… On a national TV you can’t afford to call people primitive… Ohhhh hell no… I love the Governor’s wits and whims in articulating issues. ??????Top fans throw stones at me,” Villavian Samsa said.

“Amazing show… Prof is a great man, but it was so unbelievable that you had the audacity to term the Pokots as primitive people on national TV!!” said Alex Lexx Pkorir.

And then there were those who praised the governor.

“The show ignited the thwarted image of JKL. Congratulations prof, you were oozing wisdom to the nation. You rendered other governors to look like infant interns,” Kelvinie Mayaka commented.

“Governor Lonyangapuo has made West Pokot one of the most developed counties in the country, he has really restored the lost hope that citizens had on devolution. Such leaders are rare in our time. Long live Prof. Long live “Mulumlwas,” Hono Vincent said.

“This is the kind of a show I need to be watching… the kind of leaders I wanna hear from, role models people with vision n missions for the people of Kenya n generation to come. thank you #JeffKoinange,” Mejjah Maish wrote.

“What a show it was informative and hilarious at the same time. He really advocated for West Pokot as the next frontier in matters development. Visionary leader the Real JKL,” Njeri Wa Ngunjiri commented.