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Jimmy Gait speaks on Adele cover

December 22nd, 2015 2 min read


Gospel artiste Jimmy Gait has opened up about his cover to Adele’s Hello that received mixed reactions online.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News the Appointment hit maker said what matters in gospel music is the message and not the beat.

“For me it’s about the message and I have no issue with the reaction as long as they get the message because at the end of the day, music is music,” said Gait.

In the cover, Gait has infused messages of how God needs all humans to mend their ways and go back to His ways.

The singer has however stated that he appreciates what critics think of the cover.

“I love my fans and my critics as well because they keep me focused. I actually wish all my fans and critics a Merry Christmas,” Gait told Nairobi News.

The artist did the Hello cover on Saturday and it was only three days later that Kenyans online started reacting to the hit.


On Twitter, users reacted with all forms of memes some ridiculing while others appreciated the cover.

@GidiOgidi tweeted, “Jimmy Gait should stick to doing music in his mother tongue, wachana na Hello.”

‏@pmusesya tweeted, “Dear Adele, we are sorry for Jimmy Gait’s cover of Hello. We sincerely apologize. No Kenyan was consulted.”

@Kenyanpoet tweeted, “Who advised Jimmy Gait to turn a perfectly good Love song to a forced guilt ridden Christian song! He needs friends.”

Others felt the cover was well done.

@mc_lyts tweeted, “@JimmyGait your hello cover is dooooope!!!!  Big up.”

@PollyMis tweeted, “@Adele, @JimmyGait has the best African Hello cover. Done in Swahili. It’s amazing!”

This is the second local cover on the song as the first one by Della received impressive reviews locally and internationally.

Gait has had a couple of releases in the recent past among them Kuna Day and Secreti which he is featured in by SOC.

Early this year, Gait announced that he was venturing into motor bike sales business.