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Jimmy Gait trolled for crying on live TV – VIDEO

Gospel musician Jimmy Gait was on Saturday trolled on social media by Kenyans after he broke down on live television.

Mr Gait was being interviewed by Anita Nderu on NTV’s weekly show, The Trend, when he suddenly burst into tears.

Apparently, the artiste got emotional over the incessant memes that he has been subjected on social media for one of his songs, Yesu Ndie Sponsor.

“Ive done so many good songs for people. Every other day you pass in a club or in an event you hear a Jimmy Gait song, and people forgot all that. They were insulting me and saying all sorts of things… it was difficult for me, because I’m human, and I have emotions, I have feelings…” Gait said before trailing off and bursting into tears.

But if he thought getting emotional on live TV would win him sympathy, he was dead wrong. His teary moment only attracted more ridicule from the unforgiving Kenyans on Twitter.

Here are some of the reactions from social media: