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Jobless city mothers’ in a predicament as schools reopen

As the back to school rush gets underway, one mother in Nairobi is having to sit it out unable to prepare her child for school.

Tracy Nicole has been jobless since February when her employer closed business in Gikomba over poor sales.

The mother of one was sewing skirts at a cost of Sh15 per skirt and would make Sh10,000 every month until business became slow and eventually it closed.

“My room in Mathare has been closed over a Sh2,700 rent, I’m currently being housed by a friend as I search for a job. I’m ready to do any kind of job as long as it will enable me to buy food, pay rent and school fees for my child,” she told Nairobi News.


Tracy has been persistently posting numerous comments on Governor Mike Sonko’s Facebook page leaving her contact for prospective employers to get in touch.

“I have been commenting on the governor’s page for days now, everyday I post a comment that I am seeking for a job and leave my contact. I hope the governor can give me a casual job or any of his followers can offer me any job,” said the mother of one.

So far she has not received any job offers, through her posts on the governor’s page and interestingly, she is not the only job seeker on Sonko’s page.

Another desperate Nairobi mum, Mercie has also been posting on the governor’s page in search of a job.


“I live in Mukuru kwa Reuben and affording food has become a problem despite my efforts to supplement my daycare nanny job with washing people’s clothes. I have been posting my contact in the hope that one day Sonko will see my number and offer me a job,” she said.

Mercie’s nanny job was initially meant to pay her Sh4,000 per month but now her employer only gives her Sh500 or Sh1,000 at the end of the month.

“Much as they usually say intake has reduced, I feel like they just take advantage of the joblessness in the country and fail to pay us as agreed. I wash clothes on my off days so as to afford rent and upkeep for myself and my younger siblings who are in my care,” she said.

The reopening of school is usually a big headache for the jobless Nairobians who can barely afford rent and food.