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Joey Muthengi: I’ve kissed enough frogs, now I just want good vibes

By Amina Wako November 19th, 2020 4 min read

Joey Muthengi wanted to be a lot of things but ended up in the media and entertainment industry.

Since starting her media career as an intern at Voice of America, Joey has worked for Capital FM, Channel O, Tusker Project Fame, Royal Media services and Betin.

But Who is Joey Muthengi behind the limelight?

“I was born in Kenya and moved with my parents to the United States when I was only two.  I spent most of my childhood in the states with my siblings, “she said.

Being the last born in a family of five, the radio presenter enjoyed her childhood and most of the time got away with almost everything.

“My childhood was great; I was the last born so I had it really easy. I could get away with a lot of things,” she said cheekily.

She recalled growing up in a strict Christian family.

“My parents were strict because we did grow up in the church. Both my parents are in the ministry and there were a lot of church activities, there was Sunday school and bible studies.

“After we came back to Kenya, they didn’t allow us to wear trousers or make our nails and they wanted our hairs done in certain ways. They were very conservative.”

Joey returned to Kenya and attended Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe, before later moving back to the US where she attended Hope College pursuing a double major in Communications and Business Management.

“The type of person that I am, I don’t think I would have handled the government schools. My Parents did try to ship me to a government school in Machakos but I lasted a week. They ended up shipping me to a boarding school in Kijabe. It was an American system which I was already used to,” she said.

 After college she returned home and started doing voice overs at Capital FM and at some point, they needed a presenter, she was picked to fill the vacant position and her media journey started from there.

The 35-year-old is proud that she has lasted this long in the industry. It has been 11 years since she joined the media and entertainment industry in Kenya.

“I am proud of lasting this long; I didn’t think I would. After college one December I came home and never went back. I had no plan and the fact that I got in to the industry without knowing someone and having no connection, that is huge for me,” she said.

 With the year 2020 disrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic, Ms Muthengi, who is also an actress, has no future plans, she wants to live each day at a time.

“2020 has messed up my brains, I don’t have a five-year plan, I don’t even have a one-year plan. Right now I am living for the moment, if I can wake up today, do what I need to do and still be sane at the end of it all, that is where I am at.”

Her inspirations come from life itself, family and most importantly her mother.

“My mum inspires me a lot, she is like the most hardworking person that I have ever met. And just the desire to be better, I don’t believe in staying stagnant, so I am always trying to better myself,” she added.

The former Citizen TV show host considers herself an extreme introvert who would rather spend her day sleeping and watching series.

She is, however, passionate about giving back to the society and mostly does that through the Muthengi Foundation, which she started with her elder brother gospel singer David Muthengi alias Holy Dave.

“I consider myself a charitable person and I would love to be remembered for is  I cared about more than just myself.  Like I did have a heart to give, a heart to see people happy and if I have I will always share,” she opined.

On dating, Joey has been single for quite some time now but says she has never dated retired Kenya footballer MacDonald Mariga.

She further revealed that they first met during the audition of the popular BetIn TV and outdoor adverts and have since remained good friends.

“I met him at the audition, I didn’t know him before that but he’s such a good person. He has such a great heart, very humble, very generous and he made me free comfortable throughout the whole process.”

She used to have a check list of her ideal man but after kissing a few ‘frogs’ she now wants someone with good vibes and who can add value to her life.

“I used to have all this checklist, this tall, this complexion, this much money and I have dated all those different types of guys. You just find that, that doesn’t mean the relationship is going to be successful. Now I just want good vibes and someone who adds value to my life,” Joey added.

Joey said she has had more bad dates than good ones.

“There was one I went on with a guy in a bar restaurant kind of place. Everything was going on well then the guy started drinking too much and at some point he started talking to other chicks. I wondered what I was doing there with him and just left,” she said.

When asked her celebrity crush she said she had none in mind too bad for the boy child.